With experience both on and off stage, Tom is best described as a "theatre all-rounder" and makes him uniquely qualified to understand the needs within all areas of the arts

His skills have led him to the following areas.

Company Management
Not just about making sure the actors are looked after, company management is ... It is about looking after the whole company. From performer, crew member, orchestra, creative or member of the management team, each person is an integral part of the artistic puzzle, and deserves the best management to help keep them at 100%, whichs keeps the product as the high level the public and stake holders expect.
Venue Management
From blocked toilets and dead rats to logistics and the customer experience, nothing is too petty to be overlooked.
Audition Management
From notification generation and distribution to culling, scheduling and on the day management Tom has managed auditions for clients with 4 candidates right up to 600 applicants.
Implementation of ticketing platforms. Event generation, sales.
Marketing & Administration
Office administration and management is a key component of any business. With a keen attention to detail, tasks are swiftly executed with care and always with a global approach.  

More to come...