Secondary School

Belmont High School
Tom made a very brief appearance at Belmont High. He lasted all of one term.

Kardinia International College
Year 7 & 8 saw Tom as a member of the inaugural student body at Kardinia International College, on the site of the old Morongo Girls' College. His passion for dance, theatre and the arts was embraced by all, which allowed him to grow, flourish and focus his education towards a career in the arts.

Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (VCASS)
From year 9-12 Tom commuted from Geelong to Melbourne to attend the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. This gave him the opportunity to complete his academic studies whilst undertaking full time dance training with some of the best dance educators and practitioners in the industry. 
During Year 11 Tom severely injured himself and was forced to take six months away from his daily dance classes and performances. However, the Head of Dance at VCASS suggested he take on the role of Assistant Stage Manager for the VCASS dance season. He did, and continued in this role once fully recovered.